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Skincare Tips

Here's my personal top 3 Skincare Tips.

1. CONSISTENCY. This is a must. To see results you have to consistently have a skincare routine everyday and book in regular facials. I always tell my clients if there's a product you know you should be using every day, put it next to your toothbrush and apply it every day when you brush your teeth.

2. PRODUCTS. I'm a firm believer in quality. I always hear my clients telling me they get supermarket products and more often than not they don't get the results they want. Investing in Salon quality products are important. You can get advice from a professional that knows their products and can recommend what is best for you. Don't expect Salon results form Supermarket prices.

3. SUNSCREEN. Something that we only really think about when it's summer, or think the SPF in our makeup is enough. But we need to put sunscreen on everyday. This helps with sun damage, anti aging and pigmentation. If you only had to use 1 product please let it be sunscreen. It's never to late to start using it every day.

4. SUPPLEMENTS. I'm a firm believer in taking extra vitamins and minerals for our health and wellbeing is a must. I find when my skin isn't doing the best due to stress, change of season or poor diet. I tend to step it up and take care of my skin from the inside out. I personally find making a smoothie containing blue berries, chia seeds, collagen powder, and fish oil. Makes a huge difference to my skin. I also have at least 1 berry fruit tea a day, that's enriched with loads of anit-oxidants is great for my skin.


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