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Wedding Planning Advice

If your getting married then congratulations!

It can be daunting and exciting planning the first day of the rest of your life with the person you love. My first advice for Brides to be is to ensure you choose your Photographer and Makeup Artist first. Why? Because your photos are visual memories you will keep forever, so you want someone who knows what they are doing to capture the special moments. Secondly, how you look in your photos will last forever. So you want someone with experience and someone you can relate to and feel comfortable with. After all you will be relying and trusting the Makeup Artist to ensure you look amazing on your big day.

As a Makeup Artist I have done a lot of weddings now its safe to say I've been more than just the Makeup Artist. I've done everything to helping with cleaning, doing dishes, child minding, helping with the grooms tie etc. So its really important you feel comfortable with the people you have working for you on your wedding.

When it comes to preparation, I always recommend having a makeup trial. Because Brides will see a look they like, but once it is on them its not always what she envisioned. Also tell your Makeup Artist if there's something you like or don't like about the makeup on your trial. We can always change it. We want you to feel your absolute best and we don't take it personally if there's something you want to change. To get the best looking makeup I always suggest brides go to a Beauty Therapist and talk about getting their skin ready with a suited skin care treatments, about 6 months before their wedding day. Planning a wedding is stressful which then can play havoc on your skin. You want to eliminate any chance of a break out as much as possible. Along with drinking plenty of water every day months before the wedding.

Now if your someone that likes to take that extra bit of care you can not go wrong with getting your lashes and brows done. If you have never had your lashes done or your brows Henna before let me tell you its not just a beauty treatment, it is a feel beautiful feeling you get having lashes and brows done. If you have had it done before you know what I'm talking about. Also, with having extensions you don't have to worry about wearing false lashing and the corners popping off and getting in your photos. Your wedding day is normally the day you feel your most beautiful. So you continue that feeling knowing your lashes and brows still look amazing on the first day waking up next to your new husband. But, if you decide to take the plunge, always try them a few months before hand to see if it is for you and to make sure you don't have a reaction. Believe it or not, I have heard of brides getting lashes done for the first time the day before their wedding and they've had an allergic reaction. So it is always best to be safe in these situations.

Try not to stress when it comes to planning your wedding. I know its easier said than done, but when it comes to the day your normally having to much fun having a laugh hanging out with your bridesmaids. Then when its time for you to get your makeup done, that's when it normally hits you. The day you have been planning for so along is finally here, and all of a sudden all those little details do not seem to matter. All that matters is your getting married to the one you love. So enjoy the day as much as possible because before you know it its over!

Photo : Sandra Henderson Photography

Makeup, Lashes and Brows : Pretty By Danielle

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