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How to choose a Lash/Brow Artist

Now when it comes to choosing a Lash and Brow Artist the first thing most people look for is price. But I cant stress enough that this should be the last thing you look at. Remember if you are looking at up keeping your lashes or brows it is more than just an appointment your booking. You are choosing to invest your time and money for that up keep. So there's a few things to consider other than price.

Check out the artist work, is their style of work the style you want. When ever I have a new lash client that has come from another artist I will always ask them if they have checked out my work first, so they have an idea of what to expect. You don't want to go to someone that only does mega volume lashes if you want something more natural.

Make sure the person is trained. Especially in lashes. There's a lot more to lashes than sticking some extensions on. When I have a client I'm looking at the condition of their lashes and what is a safe amount to apply without causing long term damage to the lash. As well as taking your face shape making sure the lashes and brows compliment your face rather than having your lashes and brows look out of place.

Your artist should always be doing a thorough consultation with you. If you go get your lashes done and your told to lay down and they start working on you, there's a good chance your not going to get what your after. You wouldn't go to a hairdresser and tell them you want a haircut and just let them start cutting straight away would you?. Having a consult before your appointment will give the artist a chance to listen to what you want then telling you if they think it do able or give their professional advice on what they think is best.

Now when it comes to Brows, you can have an idea of the type of look you are wanting. But sometimes it can take a few appointments to get there. Specially if you need your Brows to grow out for a thicker look. Often people jump from brow person to another if they don't get it right first time. But the reality is it can take time to create your ideal brow. If you go from person to person your starting at the start every time without getting what you want.

Make sure you go to a place where your comfortable and to someone that is your type of person you get along with. Its makes your appointment for you and the Artist so much enjoyable if your spending time with someone you genuinely like.

Check out there location and hours to make sure it fits in with you.

Lastly if you do find someone that ticks all of the boxes,

then consider price. Often someone that is skilled and has a high standard in workmanship and customer service will cost more. But now days most people offer Afterpay type of payments to make it affordable even f you are on a budget.

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